Data science in agricultural economics

Junior Research Group , PhenoRob (Cluster of Excellence), University of Bonn

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Welcome to our group page!

The research of the group focuses on developing and applying novel data science tools in the area of agricultural and environmental economics. One particular focus is on applying econometric and machine learning tools to answer causal research questions.

We are part of the Cluster of Excellence “PhenoRob – Robotics and Phenotyping for Sustainable Crop Production” at the University of Bonn and Forschungszentrum Jülich. PhenoRob aims to enhance the sustainability of crop production by optimizing breeding and farm management using new technologies. Our focus in in PhenoRob is on studying the economic and environmental aspects of farm level agricultural technology. Here, we aim to understand under which conditions farmers adopt novel technologies, how they are used in practice and what economic and environmental consequences result from this. With this we aim to contribute to answering the simple, but challenging, question of “how to produce more with less”.


Hugo Storm, PhD
Research Group Leader
Niebuhrstraße 1a
53115 Bonn, Germany Phone: +49 228 73-60828

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Sep 2, 2022 Open Phd Position! Join our group as a PhD in the new DFG TrAgS project. Leverage exciting new datasets and novel methods to answer the question if farmers might intensify tillage practices as a response to tighter glyphosate regulation. Check out the project description and the job offer. Application deadline Sep, 30 2022.
Jul 13, 2022 Open Phd Position! Join our group as a PhD in the new EU Brightspace project and help to answer the question of how the EU Green Deal can make agriculture more sustainable and equitable. Check out the details here
Jun 29, 2022 Conference paper on socio-spatial information sources selected for the short list for the best paper award at the 9th EAAE PhD Workshop in Parma

EAAE shortlist
May 27, 2022 How do we stay within the planetary boundaries and a Safe Operating Space?

Contribute to this question with your master thesis by systematically linking existing agri-environmental policies to Safe Operating Space dimensions. Click here for the detailed master thesis topic description.
Interested in this or a related topic, write an email to: Till Kuhn or Hugo Storm.
Dec 25, 2021 Do your Phd in agricultural economics combining deep learning and econometrics!
Check out the new website for our DFG research center DETECT. We are contributing to project B04 in Cluster B
In project B04, we are looking for two PhD students in the field of agricultural economics, with some experience in quantitative analysis/data science and an interest in (Bayesian) Econometrics/Machine Learning. One PhD student will focus on the Bayesian approach to merge existing data sources. The second focuses on combining data driven deep learning approaches with econometric approaches considering economic or biophysical information.
Please refer to reference numbers 10 in your application following this link.